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The goal in developing The Healing Garden is to create a calming, secure, accessible and visually pleasing garden - a green oasis - for participants to enjoy. It's a place where garden inhabitants can expand their world by delighting in color, texture, fragrance and changing scenery. Encouraging personal freedom within a protected and supervised place, this garden would enable contact with nature and with others.

The Healing Garden brings enjoyment to its visitors on many different levels, in keeping with the varied needs and skills within the group. Gardening, walking, bird watching and enjoying the garden space with others helps people to derive satisfaction while engaging their minds in a creative environment.

There's something for everyone. Within the garden gentle paths and raised planting beds encourage wheelchair-bound visitors to garden and enjoy the plant material at their eye level. Walking paths with benches provide a place to stroll outdoors and enjoy every inch of the garden. They also accommodate Alzheimer patients with a secure, stress-free roaming environment. In addition, the garden would also hold a small putting area, art therapy area and court games facility. These areas help to create a sense of purpose and comfort in those who participate.

Sensory enjoyment is a top priority. Plants will be selected to attract birds and butterflies while providing texture and scent. Seasonal and evergreen color give pleasure from every vantage point. Adding flowing water to the garden would have a calming effect, blocking outside noise while creating a soothing sound within the garden. Touch is not forgotten with the inclusion of Braille signs and markers.

Building an outdoor haven would extend the use of the garden well into the fall and early spring months. A gazebo would serve as a focal point when viewed from inside the facility and give cheer to those remaining indoors. It also would provide a symbol of community while providing a place for outdoor group activities.

The benefits to The Healing Garden are many. Adding a healing garden can add new dimension and enthusiasm to those who experience its rewards. The goal of the Oasis Garden Development Committee is to help OASIS make this garden a reality for the Tulsa community.

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