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The Northeastern District of Christian Churches of Oklahoma established a task force in June 1993 for the purpose of investigating and establishing an Adult Day Care Center. After identifying the need for additional adult day care centers in the community, a building was renovated to meet ADA standards and preparations were made for state licensure and staffing of the center.

OASIS, Inc. (Older Adult Services and Interfaith Sharing) opened in July 1995 and is endorsed by the Northeast District of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma (NEDCCO). The OASIS Adult Day Services Center is located at 3817 South Lewis in Tulsa in space leased from Southside Christian Church. This location was selected in accordance with the high concentration of an elderly population in the area, as well as families involved with care giving responsibilities. Although endorsed by NEDCCO, OASIS, Inc. and the Adult Day Services Center is a community-based interfaith program with the Board of Directors recruited from the local community. The particular faith of participants has no bearing on their participation in the program.

OASIS serves participants and families in the Tulsa Metropolitan area as well as Tulsa, Osage, Creek, Okmulgee, Muskogee, Rogers, and Wagoner counties. OASIS was originally licensed to serve 40 individuals at one time but has recently increased licensure to 60 with the anticipated opening of a respite program and the Navigators' Club, a program which will serve early diagnosis of Alzheimer's patients and their families. In April, 2008, a new center was opened at 410 E. Lee in Sapulpa and is licensed to serve 30 individuals.

The ministry was named OASIS for it reflects the overall intent of the philosophy and goals for this program. OASIS is defined as a fertile spot in the desert usually having a spring or well; it is a place of growth. An OASIS is any place that offers a welcome relief before a return to the real world. It is a haven and a sanctuary. For weary travelers along life's journey it is a waypoint and a place of transition. Care Givers can find respite and refreshment; Care Givers are renewed and nurtured. An OASIS is miraculous to those who are bewildered by the journey. In the OASIS logo, green represents growth and care, the cluster of trees remind us of the protective environment found in a grove of trees, the inverted heart shape symbolizes care and concern. Blue conjures up deep springs perhaps the river of life reminding us of eternal care and the healing power of God's love and the cycle of each individual's life. It is within this context that OASIS will provide a ministry of care for frail older adults and their families.

OASIS Adult Day Services
Tulsa-5525 East 51st Street, Suite 400, Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone: (918) 749-6969 Fax: (918) 749-6961
New Sapulpa Center- 410 E. Lee, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066'
Phone (918) 224-0410 Fax (918) 224-0410
martha@oasisads.org or evelyn@oasisads.org