Adult Day Services

Cost Comparison


Adult Day Services Daily Rate

Enrollment Fee(one time) $ 50
Half Day (up to 5 hours) $ 47.50
Full Day (5-8 hours ) $ 70

Adult Day Services Monthly Income Based Sliding Scale

Enrollment Fee(one time) $ 50
A (income < tbd) $ 500/mo
B (income < tbd) $ 600/mo
C (income < tbd) $ 800/mo
D (income < tbd) $1,000/mo
E (income < tbd) $1,200/mo
F (income < tbd) $1,500/mo



Oasis Ovations


During a visit (from California) I took my mother to the doctor. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve been here for six years.

Taking care of somebody with Alzheimer’s dementia is a 24 hour job. On one visit, my mom’s case worker noticed I was really frustrated with the constant up and down, lack of sleep and being tired all the time, so she recommended OASIS Adult Day Care Center.

That was the best information I ever got.

After I enrolled her, I was able to get sleep and take care of the business I needed to take care of. I got to know all the workers. I’m comfortable with them. I call any time I need to and they do a wonderful job.

The workers welcome us when I drop her off and when we say good-bye. They take good care of her. She can’t wait to go to OASIS. She’s up at 3:00 am getting dressed to go. I have to remind her it’s still night, that she has to wait till morning.

I recommend to anyone who is having the problem with their parent that has dementia Alzheimer’s to OASIS Day Care Center anytime.

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