Adult Day Services

Activities are designed to meet the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of each participant as described in the individual plan of care. Our days are structured to maintain and improve the current level of function of each participant.

Exercise And Health

Participants engage in regular physical fitness designed to benefit the participant through:

Endurance and aerobic exercises to build staying power and improve the cardiovascular system
Strengthening exercises to build muscle and bone density
Stretching activities to keep the body limber and flexible
Balancing exercises to reduce falls


Memory Enhancement

Designed to stimulate memory, our programs provide fun and motivating activities, helping cognitively challenged adults to improve both their long and short-term memory capabilities. Both group and individual activities help participants gain confidence in their memory abilities.


Life Enrichment

Each day participants enjoy involvement in a broad variety of activities and experiences that promote socialization, stimulation, learning, and joy. Participants can enjoy sing-alongs, a weekly Bible study, storytelling, dancing, cultural activities, music, gardening, arts and crafts, and a multitude of seasonal and holiday activities. Special guests often visit bringing excitement and entertainment to delight participants and staff.


Adult Day Services Rates

Oasis Ovations


We had reached the point of desperation caring for my mother who had developed Alzheimer’s.

With all of us working we were desperate to find a facility that would help us take care of my mother who had developed Alzheimer’s.

"As a minister, I witnessed a lot of things going in and out of facilities that greatly trouble me. But when we came to OASIS I just felt peace when I walked in the door.

One of the things that struck me was how my mother attached herself to the people and they attached themselves to her. It seemed they loved her as much as we loved her. It gave me a great sense of security to leave her in an environment like that.

She was excited to go to OASIS. That was something that really blessed us to see the excitement in her eyes and for her to get out and socialize and be like she was before….when we saw the sparkle.

There’s a sense of desperation - to care for a loved one the way they are supposed to be cared for and when you can’t do it any longer you want somebody who loves them as much as you do, with the necessary skills.

And we found all of the above at OASIS. I would recommend to anybody to bring their loved one here to receive the same kind of care that you can give them."

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