Discovery Program

Discovery Program

The most amazing people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes. Focus on the disABILITY. This program is for alternatively gifted adults who are typically ineligible for public school programs.

Education, Art, Music, Drama, Exercise, Socialization, Life enrichment skills

Every day we are breaking down the barriers and offering new opportunities to empower the people with their amazing, awesome, and God-given abilities to lead more independent, dignified, and purpose-driven lives.

General format

Days of the Week TBD
Enrollment is required
$425 monthly (8a-4p) ($50 one-time enrollment)
$ 25 monthly before or after-care

Admission Criteria

Benefit from therapeutic aspect of the program
Ambulate independently
Independent in personal care and toileting

Exit Criteria

A Club member can stay in the program as long as program staff establishes through assessment and interviews that they are receiving benefit from the program and continue to be appropriate for this level of programming.

Oasis Ovations



After I had been here for one or two times I was ready every day, every time because the group is so friendly and our leader is so nice and the area is so nice that it makes you very comfortable and you soon become like very close friends and you have a really good time. This is very important for somebody who has gone through a big change in the life.

You have to feel you are important to somebody; that you fit in. Boy, this did it for me. You can just be yourself. It makes you so aware of what you should be thankful for. Most people think of people with dementia as a little bit slow or as people who don’t quite have “it” anymore. I had to overcome that (belief). You learn to live with things, I’m not going to let it get me down.

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