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Who can participate?

Oasis serves individuals 18 and older who can no longer stay at home alone due to physical, mental, social or cognitive impairments.

Is oasis a non-profit?

OASIS is a 501C3, which is a non-profit designation by the IRS. OASIS is supported by private pay fees, DHS Advantage DDSD Contracts, Private Individual and Corporate Donations. Donations to the centers are welcome.

How do i enroll my family member?

Preliminary forms are provided here. Click the link to make a copy, fill out, schedule an appointment and bring to the center. Or you may schedule an appointment and fill out the necessary paperwork at the time of your appointment.

Where are you located?
How much does it cost for services?
What documents are necessary to bring to our appointment?

List of current medications, signed living will and DNR are preferable.

Are you licensed?

Yes, by the State Department of Health.

Do you provide transportation?

If transportation is needed we will make application for the participant to ride the lift bus of Tulsa.  In Supulpa, Cimmarron provides transportation.

What is you staff to participant ratio?

We maintain a higher staff to participant ration than the state requirement of 8 to 1.

Are meals and snacks included in the price?

Lunch and two snacks are provided to participants at no additional cost.

Are you still open during inclement weather?

If the center must close for safety, caregivers will be notified and a message will be on the answering system.

My loved one is reluctant to come, can you help?

OASIS recommends caregivers bring their loved ones consistently for 2-3 weeks so that it becomes part of their regular routine.

Change can be difficult for our loved ones who are cognitively challenged. We recognize it may be a challenge to convince them to come initially.

However, after 2-3 weeks of consistent attendance, most participant look forward to their time at the center. They find it gives them a sense of greater independence, social stimulation, friendships as well as opportunities to engage in activities they would otherwise not experience. See how others have found this to be true.

How many days a week should i bring my loved one?

OASIS recommends at least 3 days a week when at all possible. We find that attending at least 3 times a week creates the daily routine that is a critical component for success for more advanced Alzheimer's and related dementia.

What will my loved one do while at the center?

Everyday is full of planned activities, including brain stimulation games, word puzzles, physical exercise, social activities, arts and crafts, special events, guest entertainers, holiday celebrations, meals, snacks and rest time if desired. Click here for a typical day at OASIS.

What if i can’t afford the service but need it?

Financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. Click here for more information.

Do you accept long term care insurance?

Yes, long term insurance is accepted. Many companies include long term care policies. Check with your insurance agent if you are unsure if you have this coverage.

Can I volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome. Volunteers make a difference in the lives of those we serve. There are many ways you can support OASIS through volunteering. Background check and finger printing is required. Click here to find out more.

Oasis Ovations


I had my wife at OASIS for two years now.
I had heard about OASIS before. We came and I haven’t been disappointed in the way things have turned out. It’s really been a pleasant experience.

It’s met all of our expectations and every good thing that we were told about.

The real thing that is outstanding about OASIS is the friendliness of the staff, their dedication; they like what they’re doing. I’ve never seen any of them upset with anyone.

Also, the staff turnover is very little. They all seem to like their jobs.

The management is very good. I like that they have a registered nurse on duty at all times.

We hated to leave (OASIS) but my wife got to the stage where they were no longer able to care for her and she needed some additional care.

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