Navigators Program

Providing physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual support to individuals with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.

General format

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Enrollment is required
$45 per session ($50 one-time enrollment)

Admission Criteria

Benefit from therapeutic aspect of the program
Ambulate independently
Independent in personal care and toileting

Exit Criteria

A Club member can stay in the program as long as program staff establishes through assessment and interviews that they are receiving benefit from the program and continue to be appropriate for this level of programming.


“Our basic tenants are designed to keep a person social, provide neurobics, just like mental gymnastics and physical exercise. We also talk often about food that is healthy for a person to maintain a healthy brain. We always include humor because we think that’s very healthy. What we do is all for the purpose of creating those neural pathways so that participants can off-set those brain cells that are dying. It’s a very uplifting, very fruitful program and we see really good results.”

Program Activities Include

Social Therapeutic group, music therapy, field trips, social interactions, adopt a children's group, reminisce group, memory books, arts and crafts, spiritual/ devotional, exercise/ walking group, discussion groups, and mental stimulation.


Oasis Ovations


I was skeptical before I came here. I came because OASIS had the Navigator’s program where she (wife Ann) could have socialization and memory enhancement; someplace where the people she was with, in the program, were at a comparable, functional level she was.

She would come home from the program very excited. She would go over the exercises and the questionnaire in depth. She talked considerably about her companions in the group, how much she enjoyed them. It gave me a sense that this was the right place for her and it has proved to be that.

I get respite from her, instead of the 24/7 requirements of a caregiver. She comes home from the group really happy and engaging for 24-36 hours. I would highly recommend the OASIS Navigators program. I am anxious to see it expand. I wish were other places like this so more people could take advantage of it.

I speak from the standpoint of professionalism as a retired psychotherapist. It has given me a lot of what I need to help me. I just enjoy being with her when she comes home (from Navigators) and the rest of the week.

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