Basic Services Included In Daily Rate For All Participants

Planned Daily Activities
Recreational Activities
Supervision and Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
Medication Administration
One Meal and Two Snacks Daily

**Services may vary according to each participant’s individual plan of care

All programs and services are designed to meet and nurture the needs of the whole person

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Specialized Programs Designed To Enhance Physical, Emotional And Memory

Art and music therapy
Specialized exercise programs
Special musical groups and other special events

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Caregiver Support Services

Monthly support group for caregivers
Special informational groups and programs for caregivers

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Visit Caregiver Connection

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“I came here 3 months after OASIS opened and have worked at OASIS for 17 years. We’re able to care for any adult that has a disability that would keep them from staying at home safely. It’s kind of like a senior center for those who need a little extra care. Our staff are all trained in dementia care and are all certified nurse’s aides. We can meet the participant's health needs as well as their social needs.

Many times caregivers call in and think their loved one isn’t bad enough to come to OASIS. We try to educate caregivers so that they can have a little time for themselves. If they (caregivers) don’t care for themselves they can’t continue to care for their loved ones. We can really reach out and meet the needs of our participants by being here and answering those questions when caregivers call.”

Oasis Ovations

"I was little skeptical about OASIS in the beginning. I had this image of bringing my mom and her sitting in a chair in a nursing home environment all day long with little interaction. Eight years of caregiving had begun to wear me down. I knew that I really needed some help.

The moment that I stepped into that building my fears began to melt away. OASIS feels like a friend’s home. It is clean, welcoming, warm. The staff was so friendly. The clients all seemed so happy and there was a lot of interaction going on They had a coffee cart and my mom loves coffee all day long.

I broke down and cried. I had found a little piece of heaven that I needed so badly. I knew with all my heart that this was the place that mom would be well taken care of and loved at OASIS.

After 6 months we love it. The staff is terrific - wonderful, sweet people; precious people who take terrific care mom. It’s been good for both of us. Mom gets that social stimulus she needs every day and so do I. I can actually go have lunch with a friend now knowing that mom is happy and so well cared for. It truly is an OASIS of the soul of the hurting – a little piece of heaven."


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